Whether it’s a free standing, prefabricated or precut hut we have the ideal hut for your needs and budget. We have standard designs and can also custom design a hut for your specific needs. We build huts from $15k to over $500k.

Platform tennis is the most social of the racquet sports. A warming hut is the perfect addition to any paddle facility. Customers/players have repeatedly told us that the level of play has risen after a hut has been installed. Players have an area to congregate inside, discuss their game and view other matches in progress.

Reilly Green Mountain has the expertise to insure that you receive a warming hut that will be enjoyed by the players. All too often, warming huts are designed by people that do not know the game of paddle. With a Green Mountain designed hut you get superior, unimpeded viewing, functional floor plans, proper placement of amenities, and materials that will compliment your facility.

• Free standing hut – Green Mountain builds the hut on-site for you
• Prefabricated hut – Green Mountain constructs wall and floor sections at its manufacturing plant
for easy installation in the field by others
• Precut hut – Green Mountain precuts, numbers and color codes all pieces of the hut at its
manufacturing plant for installation in the field by others

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