New Colors Available:

• Royal Blue inbounds/green out of bounds
• Green inbounds/brown out of bounds
• Purple inbounds/green out of bounds

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Alan Graham, previous board member of the APTA, says, "The blue has much better contrast at night." Chris Casiraghi, President of Rielly Green Mountain, adds, "We've seen a dramatic shift to the royal blue and green color scheme. Almost 60% of new and resurfaced courts are being painted in this combination. Roughly 30% are choosing traditional green and brown followed by about 9% going with purple and green.

2008 Nationals to be Played On Reilly Green Mountain Courts:

• Reilly Green Mountain chosen to supply three courts for the 2008 Nationals to be
hosted by the Shadow Lake Country Club, Rochester, NY.

Reilly Green Mountain in the South:

• Reilly Green Mountain works with APTA to spread paddle in the south.
Two courts now available at the Chapel Hill Tennis Club.
For more Information contact Rich Green at .

New Quick-Start Metal Halide Lighting:

• We introduced the new, eight fixture metal halide lighting
system now accepted as the industry standard. Now available
in "pulse start" for reduced re-strike times.
Call for details.